Concealed Handgun Permits

Concealed Handgun Permit Information
Location: 11400 W. Hwy 24, Divide, CO 80814 
Mailing Address: PO Box 27, Divide, CO 80814 
Phone: 719.687.9652   Fax: 719.687.7927


We will issue new CHP's by appointment only - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please contact Carolyn Davis at DAVISC@CO.TELLER.CO.US or 719-304-5706 for more information. 

Concealed Handgun Information Packet
Concealed Handgun Permit Application  

Concealed Handgun FAQ's 
Concealed Handgun Lost or Address Change Form 
Alien Supplementary Questionnaire

Retired/Separated Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

Instructions for Concealed Handgun Permit - Retired LEO Applicant
Concealed Handgun Permit Application for Retired LEO
Example Letter from Applicant's Agency

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