Commander Couch oversees the Operations Division of the Teller County Sheriff's Department:


-Animal Control


-Public Information Office

-Professional Standards

-Court Security

-Court Transport Division

-Emergency Response Team






I am 47 years old and married to my beautiful wife Hope since July 2014.  I have one son, Kody who is 18 and two step children Sophia - 10 and Evan 13.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK.  I wanted to be a police officer since the age of 7.  I was a police explorer at the age of 16.  As soon as I graduated high school in 1988, I became a dispatcher at the City of Edmond, OK.  I attended two colleges at the same time, Oklahoma University where declared a major in business administration and Oklahoma State University where I declared a major in Police Science.  


In November of 1990, I was hired on OKC PD as a dispatcher.  I was accepted into the OKC police academy on April 14,1992.  Over the next 13 years, I worked a low-income high crime and illegal narcotics area known as NW 10th Street.  I consistently maintained one of the highest levels of self initiated activity and made numerous high-felony arrests.  During my time at OCPD, I worked several special assignments:

•    FBI task force
•    Special Investigative teams
•    FTO
•    Academy instructor - driving
-    Counter terrorism driving instructor in 2001 BSR, Inc West Point, VA
•    Emergency Response Team
•    Tact team
-    Communications specialist
•    Honor Guard
•    Child Abuse Investigator
•    Narcotics/Vice investigator
•    Police Helicopter unit
•    Auto theft investigator
-    BAIT car program manager
•    Certified in traffic accident reconstruction Level III IPTM 1999

During my 27 years in Law Enforcement, I have earned several achievement/appreciation awards for my actions:

-    Arrested the first defendant in a new Federal Carjacking Statute, Shimeen Lamont King on September 4, 1993 after a high speed pursuit in OKC after he carjacked someone at gunpoint.  He was sentenced to 7 years and 10 months federal time

-    April 19, 1995 I responded within minutes to bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in OKC. 

-    May 3, 1999 I was a first responder to an EF5 tornado which raked the city of Moore, OK.  I participated in rescuing a family of three including an infant from a collapsed apartment complex.

-    May 5, 2001 I received a Certificate of Achievement for exceptional performance over an extended period of time.

-    Arrested serial bank robber Gregory Allen Lavers on July 30, 2003; responsible for two robberies I responded to and seven more since 2001 in OK/TX.

-    Involved in high speed pursuit/shootout with armed robbery suspects on February 3, 2004 where a suspect was shot and killed.  Father, Robert Dewayne Hayes got a life sentence for the death of his 14 year old daughter and his 17 year old son got a 25 year sentence for shooting with intent to kill me and another officer. 

-    May 1, 2004 I received a Medal of Valor.

•    In 1999, along with a partner, I purchased an electronics installation company.  Over the next four years, we grew the business 500%.  I managed 5 full time installers, one office manager, a salesman, and two part time engineers.

•    In 2006 I retired from the OKC PD and invested in a private business.  I began an oilfield service company and had three trucks running 24/7.  I continued serving the community as a reserve deputy for Canadian County S.O.

•    This allowed me to explore the broadcast media business as a professional photographer, one of my lifelong hobbies.  For the next three years I worked for FOX, NBC, ABC affiliates.

•    I possess a Colorado CDL Class A license with HazMat, tanker, doubles/triples with three years of experience hauling hazardous materials.

•    I moved to Teller County in October of 2012.

•    I began in the jail at Teller County SO in November 2012.

-    January 6, 2013 I solved a counterfeiting case resulting in arrests of 5 people, including Monica Paradise, David Bowers, and Brian Joe and obtained full confessions.   Recovery of counterfeiting equipment in two locations, search warrants of two locations in Teller and COS which recovered stolen vehicles, guns, and counterfeit currency within 24 hours.

-    Promoted to TCSO Corporal in March 2013.

-    Graduated from the Command Staff Institute in April 2013.

-    Promoted to TCSO Sergeant in August 2013 assigned to Patrol Operations.

-    I was awarded an Excellent Merit Award for the year 2013.

•    Recommenced the Honor Guard.

-    I was awarded an Appreciation award by the FBI in January 2014 for my participation in a joint investigative effort leading to the capture of a kidnapping suspect.

-    On December 3, 2014 I solved several residential burglaries which had been plaguing Teller County over the past several months.  I identified, located, and obtained a full confession from the lead suspect, Charles Allen Scott.  His crimes extended from Idaho Falls, to Fairplay, to Douglas County, to COS.  He was heavily involved in the guns for drugs trade in the Springs and cooperated in naming several key players. 

-    In April 2015, I accepted a position at the Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office in Colorado Springs, serving El Paso and Teller Counties as a District Attorney Investigator and Statewide Grand Jury Investigator.

-    In June 2017, I returned to Teller County as Operations Commander for the Sheriff's Office.

-     In June 2018, I graduated from the FBI National Academy, session #272.  This was the pinnacle learning achievement of my career and an experience I will never forget.  It is considered the "WestPoint" of Law Enforcement.

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