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TCSO Records Release Terms of Service

Please read our terms of service regarding release of criminal justice records.

For criminal justice records, there is a $6.00 review-and-redaction (blacking-out of confidential information) charge for reports up to 10 pages in length. Reports of 11 pages or more are $6.00, plus $.25 cents per page copying charge. (Payment can be in the form of a business check, a money order or cash. No personal checks are accepted.


We do not have the ability to accept debit or charge card payments.  If the request is for voluminous records or records that are highly sensitive, the fees for retrieving and preparing the records will be calculated by the hourly rates of the employee(s) required to accomplish this preparation. An advance deposit of an estimated fee may be required.

To expedite processing your request, provide as much information as possible about the case you are looking for. The most helpful information would be the case report number, date and approximate time the incident occurred, location of incident, type of incident, etc.


You do not need to provide all the information requested, but please provide what you know. If you need assistance finding any of the information to complete your request please call (719) 687-9652 and the option for records. If you mail your request along with the $6.00, and the report is longer than 10 pages, we will contact you to let you know if there is a balance owed. Be sure to include current phone numbers so we can contact you if needed.

All Teller County Sheriff’s Office records are released in accordance with current Colorado Revised Statutes. Not all information is releasable on all reports. Therefore, the copy of the report you receive may have areas which have been redacted (blacked out).


Please keep in mind that we give very limited information over the telephone. We do not provide background checks, and our inmate information is limited.

Interested in requesting public records under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) instead? Click here.  


Fees are designated above.  Some reports are not available through this office.  IF we are unable to process your request, you may need to contact the District Attorney's Office at 719-520-6000.

In accordance with Colorado State Statute 19-1-119, Juvenile name(s), address(es), and identifying information relating to juveniles is not released to the public.

If the information is of a sensitive nature and related to an open investigation, some information may be redacted for criminal justice purposes.

I affirm that the requested records being sought from the Teller County Sheriff's Office shall not be used for the direct solicitation of business for pecuniary gain.  I also have completed this request to the best of my knowledge and agree to pay the fee due upon this request.

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