Mail Theft Suspect Arrested!

Arrested: Robert Hammontree

Teller County, CO, January 19, 2018– Earlier today, US Postal Inspectors, with the assistance of the Woodland Park Police Department and the Teller County Sheriff’s Office took Robert Hammontree into custody for multiple counts of mail theft. This arrest addresses a known issue with many victims in the El Paso and Teller County area.

Hammontree is suspected of stealing packages and U.S. mail from residential mailboxes approximately 3-5 times a week over the course of a year. The thefts included Amazon deliveries, Christmas gifts, gift cards, and cash. The areas known to have been affected include south, west and north Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Chipita Park, Woodland Park, and eastern Teller County.

Hammontree will be booked into the Teller County jail tonight on Theft, Obstructing Government Operations, and Use of a Noxious Substance charges. Hammontree is also a suspect in the “stink bombing” of a U.S. Post Office in Woodland Park earlier this month. He has an extensive criminal theft history in Texas and Colorado.

Because there may be other persons involved, law enforcement is asking for the public’s help with any useful information. If you are a witness in this case, please contact the Teller County Sheriff’s Office by going to

USPIS has established a local hotline to report financial fraud due to mail theft: 303-313-5311. This line allows Postal Inspectors and local law enforcement to immediately address financial and identity theft matters.

All non-criminal mail delivery issues should be directed to the USPS Customer Service hotline, 1-800-ASK-USPS.

USPIS website to report mail theft: