Teller County, CO, March 26, 2018-Yesterday the Teller County Sheriff’s Office received intelligence information that there was an illegal marijuana grow operation located at 222 Nottingham Lane, north of Divide, Colorado. Deputies responded to that location and asked the home owner for consent to search. The homeowner allowed deputies into the residence where they discovered several marijuana plants, a large amount of dried marijuana, and located large amounts of marijuana growing equipment. Upon seeing the operation, deputies immediately secured the residence and obtained a search warrant. A search warrant was authorized and executed.

One of the residents was immediately arrested and information was received another person also lived at the residence and was currently at work in Colorado Springs. While the residence was being secured the other resident arrived and was also placed in custody. The two arrested were identified as Maria Victoria Rizo Diaz and Alexandre Montejo, both of them are Cuban citizens. Both were charged with Offenses related to Marijuana, a drug felony four (DF4) charge, after marijuana, processed marijuana, and evidence of large scale illegal distribution operation was located in the home.

During the execution of the warrant several dozen marijuana plants were found as well as 42 pounds of processed and 36 pounds of unprocessed marijuana. There was a semi-trailer that had been converted into an elaborate growing room as well as the entire basement of the house.

Intelligence gained from this search warrant will likely lead to more search warrant or arrests warrants in the near future as this investigation continues. It currently is unknown if these arrests are related to the arrests made on March 23, 2018. TCSO booking photos:

Maria Victoria Rizo Diaz

Alexandre Montejo


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