Disaster Assistance Center open Thursday, July 5 at 10am

Your Community is coordinating a Disaster Assistance Center. You will receive your reentry pass and information on when you can reenter your property along with resources and information that will help you to recover form the fire.

1. Provide an address for the property you are returning to.

2. Provide valid Colorado Identification card with address within the evacuated zone.

3. Provide a document with your name and address, utility bill, mortgage or lease agreement, tax forms.

4. Vehicle license plate number. Also, any vehicles that are coming with you will need to be included.

Where: Summit Elementary School

490 Meadow Park Drive, Divide Colorado

When: Thursday, 7/5/18 10am-6pm

Friday, 7/6/18 10am-6pm

Saturday, 7/7/18 9am-2pm

Tuesday, 7/10/18 10am-6pm

Only one individual is needed to come and signup for the pass. Just remember to add those individuals that are helping you.

Check out these great information sites: Teller County Website http://www.co.teller.co.us Teller County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/tellersheriff Community Meetings Public Postings Interactive Map http://tiny.cc/ChateauFireEvacs Chateau Fire Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ChateauFire