New Subdivisions to pre-evacuation status 07/04/18 10:00am

This morning at 10 am we will be opening:

In Teller:

Ranch Resorts East ONLY

In Park:


Doe Valley

Park Ridge Ranch

Slater Creek Ranch

Pike Meadows

Four Mile Ranch

Even though you are being allowed back into your area you are still on pre-evacuation at this time. Deputies will be checking identification and your address must be on it. If not, bring some sort of documentation showing you belong there.

Without identification you will not be allowed back into the subdivisions. There will be a dumpster positioned at the entrance of Ranch Resorts East. This excludes Park County.

Call Animal Control Officers if you need to be reconnected with your pets. Teller County- 719-687-9652. In Park County, call 719-836-4121 ext. 5.

Please remember that we have fireman still working in the area along with First Responders who need first priority. Be cognizant and conscious that they are out there and driving back and forth on the same road that you are. Safety is our number one priority so please slow down and drive the speed limit.

TELLER RESIDENTS ONLY: Only residents will be allowed to drive to there subdivision all others will still be escorted via the pilot car to access County Road 1. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Thank you for your patience and please be safe.