Teller County, CO, July 27, 2018– Sheriff Mikesell wants to comment on the pending lawsuit from the ACLU. Here is his statement:

The ACLU is attempting to obtain an injunction against us cooperating with our ICE partners. Let me explain what this means. There is a lot of inflammatory rhetoric by the ACLU about what I am doing. But let me be clear. I am holding criminals. We are not conducting round-up operations. We never have and never will. These people we have detained have committed a series of crimes against United States citizens. They were detained for crimes they perpetrated in our community.

I have the authority in Colorado as a Sheriff to protect my community and uphold the peace to the best of my abilities and I will not be dissuaded from that. I will not allow a third party, such as the ACLU, to intervene in the protection of those that I love and the community I care about. This is not political. This is common sense. This is the right thing to do to protect my community.

I am here to tell you again that these are not people that you want as your neighbors. These detainees have committed crimes in my community and throughout the United States, such as: sexual assault, drug manufacturing and distribution, attempted homicide, and many other crimes that cause our citizens to live in fear.

Let me be clear, in cooperation with our county government, and standing shoulder to shoulder with my commissioners, we want to make it clear that we shall protect our community and that we will not be forced into being a sanctuary county. We are prepared to stand the gap and we will not back down. We will not be swayed by bullying tactics. The ACLU has a tag-line of “today we sued”

My tag line is, “TODAY WE FIGHT.” We fight for the protection of our community.


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