Blue Lives Matter Ceremony & Shield 616 Bulletproof Vest Dedication

What: Blue Lives Matter Ceremony & Shield 616 Bulletproof Vest Dedication Local residents Doloretta & Bob Barber took on the task of collecting donations to fund Shield 616 bulletproof vest packages for Teller County deputies and Cripple Creek officers. Shield 616, which was developed by a former Colorado Springs Police Officer Jake Skifstad, includes bulletproof vests, helmets, and wound trauma kits. The Barbers raised over $17,000 to fund 10 vests for deputies and four Cripple Creek police officers. Doloretta also put together 8,465 blue ribbons bouquets, representing the altitude of Woodland Park and placed them on a tree at the park. Each week, volunteers met at the Community Banks of Colorado to put together thousands of ribbon bouquets. The ribbons are to honor law enforcement officers in Teller County and to let them know that their community cares about them

When: Saturday, May 25, 2019, 10:00 a.m., rain or shine. Duration approximately 30 minutes.

Where: Lion’s Park, HWY 67 and HWY 24 northeast corner, Woodland Park. Parking in the shopping center behind park.

Who: Jason Mikesell, Teller County Sheriff John Gomes, Undersheriff Greg Couch, Public Information Officer Mike Rulo, Chief of Cripple Creek PD Ashley Felice, Event Coordinator – Shield 616

Other Donors Teller County Commissioners, Bob Campbell, Norm Steen, Marc Dettenreider

Teller County Administrator, Sheryl Decker

Bob and Doloretta Barber

Law Enforcement members

Visuals: Blue Lives Matter tree decorated with 8,465 blue ribbons, uniformed personnel, presentation of plaque to the Barbers and vest packages to agency heads, side-bar interviews with Sheriff and deputies.