Teller County, CO, July 8, 2020– Last week, Teller County Narcotics Detectives (TNT) began to receive information from several different sources that there was an illegal marijuana grow at 3544 CR 5, just north of Divide, CO in Teller County jurisdiction. Upon further investigation, it was learned there was another address associated with this operation located east of Trinidad, CO in Las Animas County.

TNT, with assistance from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) began coordinating with detectives from the Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office to confirm the existence of an illegal multi-county, large scale marijuana cultivation and distribution operation. Search warrants for both the property in Teller County and Las Animas County were obtained and executed simultaneously by law enforcement from all three agencies yesterday morning.

From these warrants, additional information was learned of a third illegal grow in Colorado Springs. A third search warrant was obtained an executed for this property, 703 Arrawanna. The front part of this building is a local wrecker service and a large part of the rear of the property had been rented out to someone else. A third, large illegal marijuana grow was discovered and seized. The owner of the wrecker business was not involved in the illegal activity.

All three locations are believed to be tied together with several identified individuals acting in concert to produce and distribute large amounts of marijuana and marijuana concentrate throughout the United States and other countries. Although marijuana is legalized in the state of Colorado and others, the production of this amount of marijuana and illegal distribution across state lines is a serious felony crime. In addition, some aspects of the production of concentrate can be deadly. This does not in any way refer to the legal, safe production of marijuana concentrate available commercially from licensed businesses who abide by state regulations for safety and quality of product.

In total, over 1,500 plants were seized as well as over $32,000.00 in cash believed to be illegal drug proceeds. Several firearms and vehicles were also seized. Three suspects were arrested and charged with Offenses Related to Marijuana, a Drug Felony 1, and Special Drug Offender, a Drug Felony 1. The bond for each suspect is set at $50,000.00. Additional suspects are being sought and other charges may be added in the near future.



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