Wednesday, March 18, Mid Day Sit Rpt

Teller County Public Health & Environment

Po Box 928 * Divide, CO 80814 * (719) 687-6416 * Fax (719) 687-6501


Date: Monday, March 18, 2020 Time: 1:00PM

Please remember, this is a constantly evolving situation. These recommendations are current as of the time of this communication, but could change throughout the day.

Current Recommendations/Orders:

Refer to for current recommendations and orders.

Local Agencies Offering Modified Services:

Teller County Public Health and Environment – 719-687-6416

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! Teller County Public Health and Environment is currently providing essential services ONLY. We highly recommend social distancing efforts for everyone during COVID-19; maintain at least 6 feet between individuals, do not attend mass gatherings of more than 50 people, stay home when possible. Call 719-687-6416 to determine if you need an appointment.

Teller County Department of Human Services

The safest way to apply for benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic is to apply ON-LINE at

Walk-in applicants will be asked to complete paperwork and given an appointment letter for a phone interview.

Woodland Park Office – 719-686-5518

Cripple Creek Office – 719-689-3584, Ext. 109

Aspen Mine Center – Cripple Creek – 719-689-3584

Currently, we are still providing emergency food boxes to the community. We are continuing to provide internet/computer access and support for those needing to apply for unemployment benefits. (Franklin Ferguson Library in Cripple Creek is currently closed.)

Additionally, we continue to provide emergency assistance and referrals as needed. Our Senior Advocacy, Reassurance Caller, and Medicaid Health Coordination programs are still available. We also continue to collaborate with our many partner agencies such as Teller Senior Coalition, Community Partnership, Department of Human Services (offices still open in the Aspen Mine Center), TESSA (advocacy still available in the Aspen Mine Center). Others that normally have staff at the Aspen Mine Center continue to work remotely - please contact them directly if needed. Please see our website and Facebook page for more information.